Johnston County Moving & Relocation Tips

Thinking about making a move to Johnston County, NC? Moving day can be a little stressful if you're not organized. Knowing how to prepare, get organized, and stay organized are the keys to a low-stress relocation! Looking for tips? We've got you covered.

Before You Move

Don't wait until moving day to start planning! Here's what you need to tackle a few weeks ahead of time to ensure you stay organized come moving day.

Declutter & organize

If you've lived in your home for a while, you probably have more than you need. And the more you have, the more you have to pack. Take some time to lighten the load—your back will thank you come moving day!

Set up utilities

Make sure you don't move into a house with no power! Contact utility companies for your new home in advance of your move to ensure there is no lapse in service of water, electricity, gas, or other utilities.

Forward your mail

Head over to the post office (or their website) to submit a change of address form to ensure all your mail is ready to move with you. You should also inform any companies that regularly mail you of your new address.

Handy Packing Tips

Packing smart is the first step to moving successfully! Here are some tips to help you get sorted, get packed, and leave the hassle behind.

  • Use sturdy, reinforced boxes, at least for heavier items.
  • Pack heavier items separately in smaller, easier-to-carry boxes.
  • Protect with items you already have, like towels, blankets, or winter clothing. No sense wasting space with extra packing materials!
  • Create an "Open Me First" box with items you'll need right away, like box cutters, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, soap, and paper dishes.
  • Label everything so you know what it is, where it goes, and how important it is to unpack quickly.
  • Pack by room so it's easier to stay organized while unpacking.
  • Keep important information separate. This includes IDs, medications, first aid supplies, high-value items, medical records, and more.

During the Move

When moving day finally arrives, you should be prepared and ready to load up the truck and get on the road. Here's what happens next.

Clean first

It might be the last thing you want to do, but cleaning is much easier when a home is empty than when it's filled with stuff and unpacked boxes!

Unpack by room

If you packed by room, this should be easy! Simply bring each box into its appropriate room, then unpack by order of importance (i.e., kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms will probably be first). Remember, it's not all going to get done in one day, and that's totally okay!

Enjoy your new home!

Don't forget to sit back, relax, and smile! Welcome to your new home!

Ready to Make a Move in Johnston County?

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